The Trust Stamp App for Realtors®

The Trust Stamp App for Realtors® is a fast, convenient and affordable tool to establish the identity and trustworthiness of a stranger before meeting them and/or providing access to your client’s home or other property. This App is available only to members of the National Association of Realtors® and access is via your NRDS number.

Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, Trust Stamp combines drivers license and photographic identification with data from social media sites and public records (including criminal and sex offender databases) to verify the identity of a stranger and create a VIP Profile with a FICO-like trustworthiness score. All in seconds and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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See how Trust Stamp fits into your professional practices

​The 2-Minute Trust Stamp Process

Invite your prospective client to create a VIP Profile

In less than 10 seconds, using our web site, iPhone or Android app, you invite your client to create a VIP profile and send you a Trust Stamp. Each request that you make will be auto-debited to your Trust Stamp Realtors®.

Check their profile

In less than 90 seconds, your client completes their profile and receives their Trust Stamp which they can send directly to you. At this point, they have effectively provided you with a proof of their identity.

Verify their identity once you meet

Within seconds of your client completing their profile you will receive notification that their Trust Stamp is available to view. On meeting the client, you will have a verified photograph by which to recognize them!

Using Trust Stamp for your business

Trust Stamp is an alternative to expensive background checks and in some cases can avoid requiring a stranger to first meet you in your office. Trust Stamp can be easily explained to strangers as a time saving tool that confers VIP Status that they can use with every Realtor® that they do business with.

In addition to the client’s verified name, photograph and Trust Score, the Trust Stamp is color coded and you can quickly make an informed judgment as to the level of trust and safeguards that are appropriate.

At $1.99 per transaction (or possibly less If you have membership via an association, MLS or broker affiliation), you can protect yourself and your clients while saving time that would be wasted manually researching potential buyers. You also get a great icebreaker as you show your homeowners how you will protect them and their property!

DOWNLOAD: National Association of Realtors(r) Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines

Protect your Clients, their Property and Yourself

By using Trust Stamp before meeting a stranger (or allowing them to view a property) you demonstrate your commitment to industry-wide safety and will also help to deter money laundering and mortgage fraud. When it comes down to it, verifying the identity of a stranger is good business as well as your professional and legal obligation. Your use of Trust Stamp via the Realtor® only App is one of the privileges that comes with your status as a Realtor®.

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